News Talks Connections For Students

The group advises students at all levels: Ph.D., MS, and BS.

Ph.D. graduates advised by the group

  1. Yun Wang, February 2024: Arc-Disjoint In-and-Out-Branchings in Generalizations of Tournaments
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  2. Kristine Vitting Klinkby Knudsen, November 2021: Parametrized Problems in Digraphs.
    Advisors: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  3. David Mortan Grøne Hammer, November 2020: Some Results on the Theory and Practice of Algorithms.
    Advisors: Rolf Fagerberg, Ulrich Meyer

  4. Nikolai Nøjgaard, July 2020: Combinatorial Graph Theory in Life Sciences.
    Advisors: Daniel Merkle, Marc Hellmuth

  5. Tilde My Christiansen, December 2018: Algorithmic and Structural Problems in Digraphs.
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen.

  6. Rojin Kianian, August 2018: Algorithmic Methods for Synthesis Planning and Mass Spectrometry.
    Advisors: Daniel Merkle, Peter F. Stadler, Rolf Fagerberg.

  7. Anders Nicolai Knudsen, June 2018: Flight Route Optimization.
    Advisors: Marco Chiarandini, Kim S. Larsen.

  8. Jesper With Mikkelsen, March 2017: Online Decision-Making with Advice: Complexity and Algorithms
    Advisors: Lene M. Favrholdt, Joan Boyar

  9. Christian Kudahl, March 2017: On the Nature of Online Computation
    Advisors: Joan Boyar, Lene M. Favrholdt

  10. Magnus Find, April 2015: Linearity and Nonlinearity: Complexity and Measures
    Advisor: Joan Boyar

  11. Marie Gabriele Christ, February 2014: Multi-Coloring and Bin Covering - performance measures and models.
    Advisors: Kim S. Larsen, Lene M. Favrholdt

  12. Gabriele Muciaccia, 2014: Polynomial Kernels for Graph and Hypergraph Optimisation Problems
    Advisors: Gregory Gutin, Anders Yeo

  13. Abyayananda Maiti, November 2013: Analysis of Online Searching and Streaming Problems via a Diverse Collection of Performance Measures.
    Advisors: Kim S. Larsen, Joan Boyar

  14. Sushmita Gupta, November 2013: New Perspectives on Paging and Server Problems.
    Advisors: Joan Boyar, Kim S. Larsen

  15. Alessandro Maddaloni, November 2013: Algorithmic Properties of (Structured) Digraphs with Special Emphasis on Connectivity, Paths and Cycles
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  16. Sven Simonsen, November 2013: Complexity Analysis of Problems Involving Paths, Trees and Cycles in Digraphs
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  17. Robert Crowston, 2013: Algorithms for Parameterized Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Advisors: Gregory Gutin, Anders Yeo

  18. Mark Jones, 2013: Above and Below Guarantee Parameterizations for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems
    Advisors: Gregory Gutin, Anders Yeo

  19. Niels Kjeldsen, September 2012: Long Term Planning in the Energy Sector
    Advisors: Marco Chiarandini, Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  20. Rune Larsen, June 2012: Optimization Methods for Real-Life Scheduling Problems
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  21. Thomas Sejr Jensen, April 2012: Applications of Metaheuristics to Real-Life Scheduling Problems
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  22. Martin Rud Ehmsen, May 2010: Towards Better Online Algorithms.
    Advisor: Kim S. Larsen

  23. Anders Sune Pedersen, 2010: Graph Colouring with Applications
    Advisors: Bjarne Toft, Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  24. Arezou Soleimanfallah, 2009: Fixed-Parameter Tractable Algorithms in Graph Theory
    Advisor: Anders Yeo

  25. Uffe Flarup, August 2008: Optimization and Evaluation Problems over the Real Numbers
    Advisors: Klaus Meer, Joan Boyar

  26. Bárður Árantsson, January 2007: The Grid Block Device - simple and flexible fault tolerant distributed storage.
    Advisors: Brian Vinter, Kim S. Larsen

  27. Morten Hegner Nielsen, 2006: Path-Cycle Sub(di)graphs in Well-Structured Graphs and Digraphs
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  28. Sanne Wøhlk, November 2005: Contributions to Arc Routing
    Advisors: Niels Christian Petersen, Joan Boyar

  29. Jens Svalgaard Kohrt, November 2004: Online Algorithms under New Assumptions.
    Advisor: Kim S. Larsen

  30. Lene Monrad Favrholdt, July 2002: On-Line Problems with Restricted Input
    Advisor: Joan Boyar

  31. Morten Nyhave Nielsen, June 2002: On Measuring the Quality of On-Line Algorithms.
    Advisors: Kim S. Larsen, Joan Boyar

  32. Lars Jacobsen, November 2001: Search Trees with Local Rules.
    Advisor: Kim S. Larsen

  33. Peter Høyer, May 2000: Quantum Algorithms
    Advisors: Joan Boyar, Gilles Brassard.

  34. Anders Yeo, 1998: Semicomplete Multipartite Digraphs
    Advisor: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

  35. Rolf Fagerberg, December 1996: Search Trees and Priority Queues: Closing some Gaps
    Advisor: Joan Boyar

  36. Tommy Jensen, 1996: Structure of Critical Graphs
    Advisors: Bjarne Toft, Jørgen Bang-Jensen